Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine

As the number 1 restaurant in tripadvisor in Cebu, Marriott Hotel’s Garden Café is a restaurant that exudes international style of dining incorporated with a local touch. They offer various cuisines featuring local favorite dishes. As such, Marriott’s Garden Café is a place where you can celebrate success!


Garden café always aims to delight its diners with superb hospitality and service coupled with a vast array of assortment in its food selections. There are various food stations across different cuisine. Either for lunch or dinner, Marriott’s Garden Café’s food stations include the salad bar, Thai curry station, noodle and stir-fry station, fresh meat and seafood grill station, Japanese station, desserts and fruit station and pasta station to name a few.

Noodle Station

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Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine