A Taste of Mandarin: First Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Cebu

Started in 1997, A Taste of Mandarin was the first authentic Chinese Restaurant that came in Cebu with a Chinese chef as their head cook. Owned and operated by the Gaisano for almost three decades. Their Chinese-style cooking originated in Guangzhou which mainly features a sweat and subtle flavor.


A Taste of Mandarin Cebu

A Taste of Mandarin is a Chinese restaurant that is very spacious ideal for group dining. Its interiors brings you to China as it exudes a traditional Chinese restaurant using the red motif. For a more private and intimate dining experience, they have VIP rooms which you can also use.

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A Taste of Mandarin: First Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Cebu

3 Reasons Why You Need to Dine with Your Family at Chik Chow

Chik Chow Food Express Buffet is a Chinese-Filipino buffet restaurant located along Mango Avenue with a spacious parking space and is ideal for group gatherings, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t dine there alone. Chik Chow is actually derived from the name of their son Buchik plus the term “chow” which means to eat. This cozy buffet restaurant’s place is actually the Ancestral Home of the Lims wherein they’ve transformed the ground floor into a buffet restaurant.

Chik Chow Facade

So much with the introduction about Chik Chow, let me give 3 reasons why you need to dine with your family at Chik Chow:

  1. They serve SPECIALTY dishes.

Chik Chow Buffet

Most of Chik Chow’s food selections are actually Mr. Lim’s favorite dishes. Some of these dishes include the Chik Chow Rice, Lengua Estofado, and Roast Pork. For the usual buffet restaurants in Cebu, most of the food selections are the fried dishes which Chik Chow didn’t follow.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Dine with Your Family at Chik Chow

Pueblo Mexicano: Your Mexican – Latin American Comfort Food Destination

Mexican restaurants back in 2010 in Cebu City were very scarce. This reason inspired current Pueblo Manager, Enzo Nable, to open a Burrito Bar, a small kiosk in Banilad Town Center, because of his cravings for tacos and burritos which he would eat on a weekly basis.


Now, the small Burrito Bar is turned into a casual dining restaurant named Pueblo Mexicano that opened in 2013. Pueblo’s ambiance transports you to a cozy home of a Mexican grandmother with folkloric tapestries drape from multicolored walls. Pueblo boasts of their authentic Mexican dishes because they entirely create them from scratch using herbs straight from the garden.

Pueblo Mexicano Food Selections

Mexican cuisine is combination of indigenous (Indian) and Spanish influences. In Pueblo, you’re going to savor on elegant tamales, or steamed corn masa dumplings stuffed with lechon carnitas and cheese. From their appetizers to desserts, we’ve come up with our top 5 favorites. Continue reading “Pueblo Mexicano: Your Mexican – Latin American Comfort Food Destination”

Pueblo Mexicano: Your Mexican – Latin American Comfort Food Destination

MASTER PO: Home of the Best Chinese Comfort Food

Master Po recently opened last November 23, 2016 and is having their grand opening today! They serve a variety of budget-friendly Chinese comfort food. When you say Chinese food, some would definitely think about a variety of dim sum, but Master Po isn’t the usual fast food restaurant that serves a wide-array of dim sum to satisfy your Chinese cravings.  Find out what Master Po is offering as you read along.

Before talking about Master Po’s food, let’s try to describe their interiors and ambiance that exudes class! If you might have noticed, there are digitized images of children in the walls of Master Po. On the ground floor (the first photo below), those are the kids of the owner, Jan Joan So. The kids on the second floor are the owner’s nephew and niece. Master Po really gives a warm-cozy feeling when you dine.

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MASTER PO: Home of the Best Chinese Comfort Food

Top 5 Favorites at Lava

If you think you have savored every delightful and mouthwatering desserts at Fudge, then you’re wrong. Fudge has another brand for their enchanting sweets and they call it Lava by Fudge – inspired by their all popular dessert Lava Cake. Lava by Fudge is brought about because the Lontok couple have always been invited to different places to bring their restaurant brand. Not all the desserts that you have tried at Fudge are present at Lava or vice versa.

We’ve visited Lava at SM City Cebu, specifically at the second floor of north wing. We’ll try to share this time our top picks of their delectable and innovative desserts as well as delish merienda meals.

  1. Chocolate Chip Lava Cake

A variation of their popular Lava Cake. Their Chocolate Chip Lava Cake has the right amount of chocolate chips that adds more taste to the cake filled with dark chocolate topped with the classic vanilla ice cream. It gives a perfect sensation to your taste buds.

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Top 5 Favorites at Lava