Manuel’s Restaurant Launches their Weekend Asia Buffet

Manuel’s restaurant is Parklane International Hotel’s signature all-day buffet restaurant. They serve no simple dining experiences because they want to make it special for all their guests. They definitely have delectable daily servings of International and Filipino Cuisine from appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Image of Manuel's Restaurant Signage

Weekend Asia Buffet

Weekend Asia Buffet at Manuel’s Restaurant is a dinner buffet every Fridays and Saturdays. Their buffet dinner fare from 6PM until 10PM which highlights various Asian cuisine from countries like Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, and of course, the Philippines (they serve lechon!). The Weekend Asia buffet promo is worth Php 750.00 per head and is only available for the months of August and September. Continue reading “Manuel’s Restaurant Launches their Weekend Asia Buffet”

Manuel’s Restaurant Launches their Weekend Asia Buffet


First opened in 1969 along Colon Street in Cebu, Ding How is one of the reasons why Cebuanos loved Steamed Fried Rice, and they are the first restaurant to introduce Dim Sum Cuisine in Cebu as part of their all-day dim sum dining. As per tradition, dim sum is only served for lunch – a practice that remains in traditional Chinese restaurants. After 20 long years, Ding How now brings back the Dim sum dishes that Cebuanos loved.

Pork Trotter - Ding How

We got the chance to attend Ding How’s press release after a few days that they had opened. We delighted with their old favorites and heirloom dishes. For starters, we have tried Pork Trotter, Pork Barbecue Cake, and Ham Suy Kok. The Pork Trotter is a traditional Chinese appetizer made of stuffed pork leg seasoned with oriental spices. This delightful appetizer can already become a main dish for some.

Pork BBQ Cake - Ham Suy Kok - Ding How Continue reading “DING HOW: AN ICONIC DIM SUM RESTAURANT”


A Taste of Mandarin: First Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Cebu

Started in 1997, A Taste of Mandarin was the first authentic Chinese Restaurant that came in Cebu with a Chinese chef as their head cook. Owned and operated by the Gaisano for almost three decades. Their Chinese-style cooking originated in Guangzhou which mainly features a sweat and subtle flavor.


A Taste of Mandarin Cebu

A Taste of Mandarin is a Chinese restaurant that is very spacious ideal for group dining. Its interiors brings you to China as it exudes a traditional Chinese restaurant using the red motif. For a more private and intimate dining experience, they have VIP rooms which you can also use.

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A Taste of Mandarin: First Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Cebu

Tim Ho Wan: Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant

Tim Ho Wan known as the most affordable Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant offers precision and consistency in terms of taste, quality, and value. Their dim sum dishes are handmade-to-order, and not pre-steamed and reheated to retain its intended flavor and texture.

Last March 25, 2017, Tim Ho Wan opened its doors at SM Seaside City Cebu. And we had the chance to be part of the media preview before the official opening of the restaurant. With that, we are privilege enough to individually savor and evaluate Tim Ho Wan’s four heavenly kings. The four heavenly kings are the stars in Tim Ho Wan’s menu which diners would really line for.

The Four Heavenly Kings of Tim Ho Wan

Baked Bun

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork. In simpler terms, this is our local meat roll but a high-class type of meat roll. It is best eaten when it is still hot and fresh from the oven. The bun is definitely soft and similar to a streusel bun’s softness. The pork barbecue filling gives a playful yet balanced sweet and salty flavors. Continue reading “Tim Ho Wan: Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant”

Tim Ho Wan: Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant

Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine

As the number 1 restaurant in tripadvisor in Cebu, Marriott Hotel’s Garden Café is a restaurant that exudes international style of dining incorporated with a local touch. They offer various cuisines featuring local favorite dishes. As such, Marriott’s Garden Café is a place where you can celebrate success!


Garden café always aims to delight its diners with superb hospitality and service coupled with a vast array of assortment in its food selections. There are various food stations across different cuisine. Either for lunch or dinner, Marriott’s Garden Café’s food stations include the salad bar, Thai curry station, noodle and stir-fry station, fresh meat and seafood grill station, Japanese station, desserts and fruit station and pasta station to name a few.

Noodle Station

Bread Station Continue reading “Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine”

Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine