3 Reasons Why You Need to Dine with Your Family at Chik Chow

Chik Chow Food Express Buffet is a Chinese-Filipino buffet restaurant located along Mango Avenue with a spacious parking space and is ideal for group gatherings, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t dine there alone. Chik Chow is actually derived from the name of their son Buchik plus the term “chow” which means to eat. This cozy buffet restaurant’s place is actually the Ancestral Home of the Lims wherein they’ve transformed the ground floor into a buffet restaurant.

Chik Chow Facade

So much with the introduction about Chik Chow, let me give 3 reasons why you need to dine with your family at Chik Chow:

  1. They serve SPECIALTY dishes.

Chik Chow Buffet

Most of Chik Chow’s food selections are actually Mr. Lim’s favorite dishes. Some of these dishes include the Chik Chow Rice, Lengua Estofado, and Roast Pork. For the usual buffet restaurants in Cebu, most of the food selections are the fried dishes which Chik Chow didn’t follow.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Dine with Your Family at Chik Chow


Waterfront Cebu City’s buffet restaurant, UNO, takes you to a more exciting gastronomic experience. Its dinner buffet gives you more options while bringing the old famous Cebuano recipes back and integrating it in their themed dinner buffets.

UNO Restaurant’s themed buffet is dubbed as Seven Days of UNO. Everyday UNO offers different selection of dishes that’s suitable to the Filipino palate. Monday’s Mussel Mania offers a fresh display of mussels which you can request to be cooked in the way you liked it plus there’s a free flowing draught of San Miguel Beer to pair those mussels. Tuesday’s definitely a Spanish Celebration for Paellas. Martes de Paella is best because Executive Chef Jeff Pelaez whips the paella (seafood) in the largest pan in Cebu live! The Asian Spices & Flairs on Wednesday is a tour to the streets of Asia to experience the best of Asia’s cuisine featuring Cebu’s Lechon. Sweet tooth cravings are satisfied on Thursdays because of their Fifty Shades of Chocolate. Seafood lovers shout for joy because it’s Tuna-licious Friday every Fridays. Saturday’s a grilling day for a BBQ Fiesta in buffet style. Sunday’s surely the best day of the week for a luxurious buffet with seafood, pasta and a whole lot more international favorites matched with a free flow of Bloody Mary & Mojito.

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