TOP OF CEBU: Your Skyline Breakfast Restaurant

What’s a better way of starting your day than a relaxing view of the Queen City’s skyline over a cup of coffee and an amazing breakfast? Well, Cebuanos might have found their pot of gold with The Top of Cebu Restaurant’s breakfast menu. That is right, you can now enjoy an overlooking view of Cebu while having breakfast to start your day on a positive vibe.

Top of Cebu Restaurant Ambiance

The Top of Cebu Restaurant offers a variety of breakfast items that is guaranteed to cater each one’s preference for breakfast. In this blog post, we will make a run down of their breakfast items for you to plan ahead on your breakfast foodventures.

Salted Egg Calamares and Bacon Cashew Cheeseball at Top of Cebu Restaurant

Before we go through their breakfast meals, let us have a quick look on some of their delish appetizers. We had their Salted Egg Calamares and their  Bacon Cashew Cheeseball. These were really good starters that could totally ready you for a great and satisfying meal. Continue reading “TOP OF CEBU: Your Skyline Breakfast Restaurant”

TOP OF CEBU: Your Skyline Breakfast Restaurant

Eat Wide Awake at SaladStop!

Wish was granted to all Cebuano salad lovers with the newly opened SaladStop! at Ayala Center Cebu last July 3, 2017. Saladstop! is where you can “stop” by and have a fresh serving of “salad” — hence the name. And to those who are not(yet) fond of salads, thrill yourself with its wide variations of salads infused with flavors familiar to the Filipino palate.


SaladStop! BestsellersSaladStop!, the leading salad bar chain in Asia, entices customers with its salad bar that allows you to choose from over 60 toppings and 18 homemade dressings that are inspired by flavors from all over the world. Diners can either make their own, or try their specially crafted signature salads and wraps. Continue reading “Eat Wide Awake at SaladStop!”

Eat Wide Awake at SaladStop!

La Vie French Artisan Gelato: Exuding Authentic Flavors

Being the most picturesque wine & deli restaurant in Cebu, La Vie Parisienne, which simply means Parisian Life, is a go-to place for both locals and tourists for their extensive array of wines, delightful bread and patisserie, and cheese variants.

La Vie Parisienne Ambiance

Just a month ago, they’ve introduced something new to the public. Brought directly from Italy by Gelato Master, Chef Manuel Minelli, they have launched their La Vie French Artisan Gelato.

French Artisan Gelato

La Vie Gelato in Cebu

Continue reading “La Vie French Artisan Gelato: Exuding Authentic Flavors”

La Vie French Artisan Gelato: Exuding Authentic Flavors


New White Gold House Restaurant is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in the Queen City of the South, operating for more than 50 years. New White Gold House brings you to Shanghai, China with its classic and sophisticated facade. Its interiors give you a feeling of being at the streets of Shanghai with the red and gold motif and intricate carvings and paintings.

New White Gold House Restaurant Cebu

And we were gladly invited to dine and savor the restaurant’s authentic Chinese cooking. Here’s our top 5 picks during our sumptuous dinner at New White Gold House Restaurant:

  1. Art Cut Appetizers

    Art Cut Appetizers - New White Gold House Cebu

The Art Cut Appetizers has this very appealing presentation that would make you curious and draw you in to have a taste of the dish. The dish has pork and chicken meat, seaweeds, and century eggs wonderfully arranged which makes it enticing. The pork and chicken meat were very tender with a bit of sweetness. It complements perfectly with the eggs and the seaweed’s salty taste would make you want to eat more. The more you eat it, the more it entices your taste buds to have more. Continue reading “TOP 5 PICKS AT NEW WHITE GOLD HOUSE”



Seafood & Ribs Warehouse started in Palo, Leyte and later on, expanded to the Queen City of the South last December 18, 2016. They are a “Paluto” style restaurant so people can choose what to eat based on taste and quantity.

Seafood & Ribs Warehouse, SM Seaside City Cebu

Aside from being the only “Paluto” style restaurant inside SM Seaside City Cebu, they have an ala carte menu to help you with your decision. Still don’t have enough reasons why should dine at Seafood & Ribs Warehouse? Here are 3 reasons for you to totally visit them. Continue reading “3 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DINE AT SEAFOOD & RIBS WAREHOUSE”