Pueblo Mexicano: Your Mexican – Latin American Comfort Food Destination

Mexican restaurants back in 2010 in Cebu City were very scarce. This reason inspired current Pueblo Manager, Enzo Nable, to open a Burrito Bar, a small kiosk in Banilad Town Center, because of his cravings for tacos and burritos which he would eat on a weekly basis.


Now, the small Burrito Bar is turned into a casual dining restaurant named Pueblo Mexicano that opened in 2013. Pueblo’s ambiance transports you to a cozy home of a Mexican grandmother with folkloric tapestries drape from multicolored walls. Pueblo boasts of their authentic Mexican dishes because they entirely create them from scratch using herbs straight from the garden.

Pueblo Mexicano Food Selections

Mexican cuisine is combination of indigenous (Indian) and Spanish influences. In Pueblo, you’re going to savor on elegant tamales, or steamed corn masa dumplings stuffed with lechon carnitas and cheese. From their appetizers to desserts, we’ve come up with our top 5 favorites. Continue reading “Pueblo Mexicano: Your Mexican – Latin American Comfort Food Destination”

Pueblo Mexicano: Your Mexican – Latin American Comfort Food Destination

Tim Ho Wan: Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant

Tim Ho Wan known as the most affordable Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant offers precision and consistency in terms of taste, quality, and value. Their dim sum dishes are handmade-to-order, and not pre-steamed and reheated to retain its intended flavor and texture.

Last March 25, 2017, Tim Ho Wan opened its doors at SM Seaside City Cebu. And we had the chance to be part of the media preview before the official opening of the restaurant. With that, we are privilege enough to individually savor and evaluate Tim Ho Wan’s four heavenly kings. The four heavenly kings are the stars in Tim Ho Wan’s menu which diners would really line for.

The Four Heavenly Kings of Tim Ho Wan

Baked Bun

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork. In simpler terms, this is our local meat roll but a high-class type of meat roll. It is best eaten when it is still hot and fresh from the oven. The bun is definitely soft and similar to a streusel bun’s softness. The pork barbecue filling gives a playful yet balanced sweet and salty flavors. Continue reading “Tim Ho Wan: Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant”

Tim Ho Wan: Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant

Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine

As the number 1 restaurant in tripadvisor in Cebu, Marriott Hotel’s Garden Café is a restaurant that exudes international style of dining incorporated with a local touch. They offer various cuisines featuring local favorite dishes. As such, Marriott’s Garden Café is a place where you can celebrate success!


Garden café always aims to delight its diners with superb hospitality and service coupled with a vast array of assortment in its food selections. There are various food stations across different cuisine. Either for lunch or dinner, Marriott’s Garden Café’s food stations include the salad bar, Thai curry station, noodle and stir-fry station, fresh meat and seafood grill station, Japanese station, desserts and fruit station and pasta station to name a few.

Noodle Station

Bread Station Continue reading “Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine”

Garden Café: An Exquisite Taste of Glocalized Cuisine

5 Intimate Places to Dine in Cebu

Still can’t decide where to dine for Valentine’s Day? Cupid certainly had created a lot of problems for the guys every February from gifts to dates. Since this day is somewhat special for love birds and falls on a working day, here are intimate dining places found in Metro Cebu that you might want to consider:

  1. Cul De Sac


A restaurant found inside Santo Nino village. They are not that full always but that doesn’t mean that they don’t serve good food. With less than Php 1,000.00, you can already experience a formal semi-fine dining set up. Food selections are definitely recommended by several diners who have dined here.

Continue reading “5 Intimate Places to Dine in Cebu”

5 Intimate Places to Dine in Cebu

SKILLET: Your Modern Japanese Fusion Cafe & Bistro

Unique flavors inspired from the fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine is the stronghold for Skillet Japanese Café and Bistro. Led by their chef, Masaki Tsuji, Skillet has successfully fused not only Japanese and Western Cuisine but also Asian cuisine.

Fortunately, we were invited to try their newly-crafted dessert which we will share shortly. Varied appetizers were served before the main dessert. The appetizers were very succulent and were plated to spice up your appetite. We’ve had their Bangbang Chicken, Sisig Quesadilla, Smoked Salmon, Onion Gratin Soup, and Caprese with Basil Miso Soup.


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SKILLET: Your Modern Japanese Fusion Cafe & Bistro