Habhab Cebu is a blog that guides foodies in Cebu to take best decisions on where to dine and what to eat. It takes you to where your tummy wants you to munch. This blog is dedicated to restaurant experiences and news as well as food-related information that foodies can basically use.

The blog highlights the author’s dining experience inside the restaurant. As a result, you’ll know the latest restaurants that have opened and where to locate them around Metro Cebu and what the best restaurants to dine are.

Habhab is a bisaya-term which means pigging out. This term is synonymous to Cebu since Cebu is a famous place to have food trips with your friends. With the emerging number of restaurants in Cebu, you will surely not get tired of pigging out with your friends and family.

The Mission

Habhab Cebu’s mission is to promote the best dining experience to all Cebuanos and to everyone who visits Cebu and to keep everyone updated with the latest trends and happenings with Cebu as a premier food hub in the Philippines.