MASTER PO: Home of the Best Chinese Comfort Food

Master Po recently opened last November 23, 2016 and is having their grand opening today! They serve a variety of budget-friendly Chinese comfort food. When you say Chinese food, some would definitely think about a variety of dim sum, but Master Po isn’t the usual fast food restaurant that serves a wide-array of dim sum to satisfy your Chinese cravings.  Find out what Master Po is offering as you read along.

Before talking about Master Po’s food, let’s try to describe their interiors and ambiance that exudes class! If you might have noticed, there are digitized images of children in the walls of Master Po. On the ground floor (the first photo below), those are the kids of the owner, Jan Joan So. The kids on the second floor are the owner’s nephew and niece. Master Po really gives a warm-cozy feeling when you dine.


Now, let’s get down to their Food. Master Po served Chinese dishes that they are expert at making. Serving other dim sum dishes isn’t their forte so they opt not to have those in their selections. Let us focus on our top favorites first. Our favorites include their Basil Pork Skewers, their Roasted Chicken, and their Beans with Minced Pork.

Priced at Php 140.00, you’ll be served with 6 pieces of their Basil Pork Skewers. The skewers were simply the best that we have tried so far. The skewers were flavorful to the point that you don’t need any sauce or dip for it. It’s like it has been marinated thoroughly.


Their Roasted Chicken at Php 180.00 is also a must try. From the skin to the meat, you can taste the flavorful aroma of the chicken. The Beans with Minced Pork is also a star. It’s served as an appetizer but can become a meal. The beans were definitely soft and its softness didn’t destroyed the form of the beans plus the pork complimented the beans.



Aside from the abovementioned delish meals, we’ve got the chance to also try their Singaporean Bihon, Pancit Guisado, Chicken Cutlet, Sweet and Sour Fish, Minced Shrimp Kebab and Fish in Mayo. Their Minced Shrimp Kebab was unique because instead of using barbecue sticks, they used lemon grass stalks to give it more flavor. The Chicken Cutlet were also good. The lemon-flavored sauce that covered the cutlet gave it a unique taste.


Overall, Master Po is fast food restaurant that gives you generous servings for an affordable cost. Visit them at Plaza Nouvelle, E. Benedicto Street, Cebu City. They are open from 8am until 9pm daily. Check them out at

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MASTER PO: Home of the Best Chinese Comfort Food

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