Fudge: More than Just the Best Desserts

If you have visited Fudge at Banilad before they closed for a while for some quick renovations, its interior were like the usual casual dining restaurant that you can visit in the metro. Fudge has been known because of their Lava Cake and the restaurant’s old ambiance seems off with what they are known for.

Just recently, Fudge did a total overhaul and repackaging of their whole place, making it insta-worthy and homey. Fudge did a shabby chic theme for their restaurant, giving it a rustic feel. There’s actually a story why they use such theme and it’s best to ask the owners, Augie and Cathlene Lontok, about it.

Shabby Chic

With their new shabby chic theme, Fudge doesn’t compromise their meals even if they are very much known for their desserts specially their Lava Cake. Every meal you see at Fudge’s menu has a significant story to tell and it’s there in the menu for a reason.

For this visit at Fudge Banilad, we’ve got the chance to munch on some of the couples favorites. What we had were the Chili Fries, Aligue Rice with Spanish Sardines, The Meatball, Bacon and Banana French Toast and for the dessert, their Pizookie and Monkey Bread.


My personal favorites were the The Meatball and the Bacon & Banana French Toast. The Meatball was just so sinful. As you try to slice the Meatball, you’ll drool over the meaty goodness it has store inside. The steak, mushroom, gravy, bacon, mozzarella cheese combination inside the Meatball is already good for a meal.

The Meatball

The Bacon & Banana French Toast. The flavor of the Maple syrup slathered on the Toast gave it a perfect flavor and is best coupled with coffee for an afternoon chill out. The bacon and the banana definitely complimented the toast.

French Toast

The Pizookie is definitely the new sensation for the Fudge’s dessert. The chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet topped with vanilla ice cream. This is completely something to order for every visit! The monkey bread had the right sweetness because of the cinnamon, raisin, and ice cream being topped.


Fudge is open daily from 8AM until 10PM. Visit them now!


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Fudge: More than Just the Best Desserts

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