SUMO SAM: A Taste of Modern Japanese Cuisine

Reinventing your food to capture your market is what made Sumo Sam one of the leading Japanese restaurant chains in the Philippines. For Sumo Sam Cebu, they did a reinvention of the Japanese Cuisine with the infusion of Western Cuisine, specifically American Cuisine.

If you’re curious how the fusion of American and Japanese Cuisine would taste, then I suggest you visit Sumo Sam at Ayala Center Cebu’s The Terraces. Sumo Sam’s interiors don’t give that “Japanese” feeling inside. Instead, they gave their restaurant a modern touch with Japanese accents thru the paintings that they’ve used as decors.

Sumo Sam’s menu selection is so varied from their sushi to sashimi, ramen to donburi, and tonkatsu to their deep fried dishes. For this visit, we were served with their Victory Float. The Victory Float has assorted Sushi and Sashimi – Dynamite Rolls, Crunchy Tuna Rolls, Las Vegas Rolls. What caught my attention was the Dynamite Rolls! It had the right spiciness which made it stand out from the others.

Victory Float
The Victory Float

We also had Sumo Sam’s Pride Salad, Steamed and Fried Gyoza, Squid Head Karaage, and Ebi Tempura for starters. I’m not a fan of salads but Sumo Sam’s Pride Salad was very fresh looking compared to all the other salad I had encountered but the nuts seemed off in this dish. Steamed versus fried? I prefer the Steamed Gyoza for this restaurant. The Ebi Tempura is definitely my favorite. It wasn’t bland and the sauce made it even tastier.

Pride Salad - Gyoza
Sumo Sam’s Pride Salad & Steamed and Fried Gyoza
Squid - Ebi
Squid Head Karaage & Ebi Tempura

For our mains, we’ve had had their Sukiyaki, and one of their Sumo Boards – The Tournament. Sumo Sam’s Sukiyaki is filled with very fresh ingredients which pleased me. The staff did a demo on how to prepare the Sukiyaki. They poured the mixed soup then added a raw egg to thicken the soup. The soup tasted somewhat sweet which was to my liking. All the other ingredients in the noodle did not satisfied me though but the noodle itself had a good texture and taste.


The Tournament was indeed the main entrée! This Sumo Board has Japanese Fried Rice, Bacon Kani, Beef Teppan, Philadelpia Rolls, Chicken Yakitori, House Salad, Bacon Oyster, Calamares and California Roll which costs Php 1,399.00. So this is what I call a very worth-the-price package for a group meal! I wasn’t able to try everything because I was almost full when this was served.

The Tournament
Sumo Board: The Tournament

The desserts. The part I would not like to miss. We’ve had their Tempura Banana and their Mango Jubilee. The major stand out for the whole meal would be their Mango Jubilee! It had crepe, mango, and cream. The combination was indeed perfect for me. The creamy texture, sweetness of the ice cream, plus the mango flavor did an awesome job in acing to be my favorite at Sumo Sam.

Mango Jubilee - Tempura Banana
Mango Jubilee & Tempura Banana with Ice Cream

If you think that Sumo Sam’s way too expensive, then you better try it first. Their meals are worth the price you are paying for! Sumo Sam’s open from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM Mondays to Sundays. You can call (32) 401-0643 for reservations.


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SUMO SAM: A Taste of Modern Japanese Cuisine

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