Best Things that Happened to Foodies in 2015 (Part I)

For Foodies, 2015 has been a great year. A lot of expansion and a lot of restaurants came to Metro Cebu. Not to mention that SM Seaside Cebu and Robinsons Galleria were the highlights for 2015. With their launch comes also the opening of several restaurants which lessens the hassle of answering the question, “Where to eat?”

For 2015, let me mention the best things that had happened to Cebu Foodies in 2015 in my point of view.

  1. Cupcaken has TWO more branches.


Rich Cupcake Flavors are what I like best about Cupcaken. The only downside though when it had one branch was the location. Its main branch is located at R. Duterte Street in Banawa. It’s just a ride away from Capitol Site or Colon.

The best thing before 2015 ended is Cupcaken opening two more branches at two different convenient places for foodies. The first branch is located at F. Ramos Street, fronting Velez Hospital. This is the most accessible branch they have. The other branch is located at Upper Ground Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu, South Road Properties (SRP). It’s just a food stall.

  1. Dessert Factory: From TWO to FIVE


Personally, this is my fave dessert hub in the metro. From affordable desserts and generous servings, Dessert Factory has aced my tongue’s sweet cravings. Dessert Factory started with two branches in Ayala Center Cebu and SSY Business Center along Salinas Drive in Lahug.

Before the year of the wood sheep ended, Dessert Factory opened two branches. Their branch in F. Ramos Street, fronting Velez Hospital opened last July 2015 and another branch at Parkmall opened during the last week of November 2015. And another good news for our foodies living in Mandaue City because Dessert Factory will be opening its fifth branch in J Centre Mall along A. S. Fortuna Street.


The Abaca Group is known for several restaurants. To name a few we have: A Café, Luncheonette, P.H.A.T. P.H.O., Maya, Beqaa, and Tavolata. Abaca has been providing high quality dining experience to its patrons. It caters to mid – high market.


A Café is one of the best restaurants for me because of their BIG DISCOUNTS after 9:30 PM. They had the best bread and pastry, especially their cakes. Their Old Fashion Layered Chocolate Cake had the right sweetness and texture. Actually, everything was perfect! I just need to taste them separately.

This year Luncheonette opened at during the second half of 2015 at Robinsons Cybergate. Luncheonette is a quick bite restaurants that offers American cuisine, basically for a quick lunch. The best that happened as 2015 culminates is Abaca Group’s opening at several locations – Filinvest Cyberzone in I.T. Park, in Paseo Arcenas in Banawa, and in Robinsons Galleria near Pier 4.

  1. 10 Dove Street has its own CONFECTIONERY

10 Dove Street is a restaurant that started in Holy Village in Banawa. They later transferred to Oakridge. 10 Dove Street is known for its Desserts. Its patrons have been clamoring about the restaurants’ delectable desserts.

With that, last September 2, 2015, 10 Dove Street opened its own Confectionery. Their opening gathered a lot of patrons because of their free whole cake once for every week for the next 10 weeks to the first 10 customers and a slice of cake once every week for 10 weeks for the top 100 customers.

10 DOve

I was only able to get the free slice though. Still, their cakes and pastries are top class! And the place is good for an afternoon chill.

  1. The BRAND NEW Da Vinci’s

The last time I dine in one of the branches of Da Vinci was somewhat memorable. They didn’t have any RICE not even extra RICE. It was such a typical American style of eating but Filipinos are somewhat rice-lovers. I mean the majority of us.

Da Vincis

In 2015, around the 3rd quarter of that year, they did a rebranding. And with the rebranding, they tweaked their menu. Voila! They have Rice & Shine Bowls, Chicken with Rice and a whole lot more with RICE this time.

It was a good thing that Da Vinci tried to move closer to their market! And yes! I was overjoyed to hear this. Not to mention they have a lot of promos coming every now and then.

So let me end this list here for the meantime, there are more things that made Foodies overjoyed for 2015. I will be sharing the other half within the week.

Best Things that Happened to Foodies in 2015 (Part I)

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